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MP3: AlienEmoji – Leeches

MP3: AlienEmoji – Leeches

Like those approaching a dubious pond, Montreal trifecta AlienEmoji has reason to be wary of leeches. Such is the wave on their debut single, which finds Zydell sliding through over production from P-Yote & Saska. The conjured instrumental is mischevious to say the least,

combining a coy synth line with reverberated string hits. The lush arrangement provides Zydell with ample room to flex, delivering a multifaceted performance both lyrically and vocally.

“Is he fishing though, so original, got so high level should be criminal,” spits Zydell, “think maybe your decision was subliminal, you a different person in the digital.” Such is often the case,

as the digital world has provided ample cover for those emboldened by anonymity. Yet Zydell, P-Yote, and Saska see through the smokescreen.

While new-school tenets ground “Leeches” in a contemporary realm, there is a respectable adherence to the principles of “BARS.” That is to say, the ad-lib to flow ratio must be balanced accordingly. In that sense, AlienEmoji deftly tow the line, providing something for all manner of listener.

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