Amanda Kloots Scattered Some Of Nick Cordero’s Ashes Into The Pacific Ocean

The late Broadway star died of coronavirus in July aged 41, and now his widow has revealed she she put a portion of his remains into the sea as a tribute to his father.

Speaking during a Q&A on her Instagram Stories, she explained: ”I put some of them in the Pacific Ocean on our anniversary because his dad’s were also put in the Pacific.”

Amanda, 38, admitted she has also been thinking of having necklaces ”made with some of his ashes”, but she still needs to look into it.

She wrote: ”Looking for suggestions for necklaces to be made with some of his ashes.

”I’ve heard this can be done and haven’t had time to research it yet.”

Last month, she described picking up her late husband’s ashes as ”beyond surreal and horrible”.

At the time, she added: ”But they’re in my possession and a good friend of mine said some beautiful advice: look at it as you have him with you now.

”Which is really a nice way of looking at it, which is true.”

Nick’s life and career were recently celebrated in a two-hour tribute which streamed on Broadway on Demand and his widow was pleased that his fans got to know more about the singer and actor and also that the service will be another way for her 15-month-old son Elvis to learn more about his dad as he gets older.

She wrote on Instagram: ”I’m very grateful for Nick’s memorial tonight. I’m grateful that so many people from Nicks life were a part of it.

”I’m grateful that people learned things about Nick they didn’t know, got a glimpse into his childhood, early adult years and then these last special years.

”I’m grateful that Elvis will have this video to watch one day to learn about his father, about how many people loved him and the lives he touched.”

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