Benedict Cumberbatch Has Been "Really Pathetic" About Stealing Mementoes From His Film Sets

Benedict Cumberbatch Has Been “Really Pathetic” About Stealing Mementoes From His Film Sets

While nabbing special items from sets has become commonplace among Hollywood actors, Benedict admitted he’s one of a rare few who has opted against taking anything home from his day job.

“Actors often talk about what they’ve taken. I’ve been really pathetic about that. I think I might… I mean I’m sure there are bigger regrets I’ll have when it comes to me hanging up (my Doctor Strange) cloak. But I think I might regret not having stolen more,” Benedict said as he joined Magic Radio for Prince’s Trust Day on Thursday.

Benedict also took the opportunity to set the record straight about the cloak his character wears in Doctor Strange, and insisted he gets more than a little annoyed when people call it a cape.

“Of course it’s a bloody cloak!” the Sherlock star said. “Everyone keeps on calling it a cape. I had it on the other day. It is such an amazing creation. Alex our costume designer on the first film made it, and she’s just extraordinary. It is so detailed and textured and rich. It really does feel sort of alive the way that it is in the film. It’s heavy. It’s a cloak, it’s definitely a cloak.”

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