Beverley Callard Reveals How She Wants Liz Mcdonald To Leave

Coronation Street legend Beverley Callard is in a weird situation right now. She announced that she was leaving her iconic role of Liz McDonald after many years on the soap but on screen, the character just vanished with a brief mention that she was in Spain.

It turns out that the reason for Beverley’s low-key exit was due to complications from a hip operation, and she is intending to return to the soap so she (and Liz) can leave Weatherfield properly.

While we don’t know what Liz’s exit storyline will be, the actress has revealed what she’d really like to happen.

“What I would really love is for Liz to have a happy ending,” she told The Sun. “I would love Liz and Jim [to] go off into the sunset together.

“Somebody called them the Burton and Taylor of Weatherfield. They have this fiery passion that makes them fall out and hate each other.

“But they love each other so much. I would love Liz to have a happy ending. Because she’s never had one before.”

Beverley also said that the writers told her that would never ever kill Liz off, although she does intend for it to be her final final final appearance.

The star previously joked that she would be spending her last day on set setting fire to Liz’s old costumes.

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