Bradford Have Broken Their Three Decade Hiatus

The band, comprised of core members vocalist Ian H. and guitarist Ewan Butler, with producer Stephen Street completing the trio as an official full-time member, have confirmed they’ll drop a new album titled ‘Bright Hours’ in early 2021, although an official release date is still to be confirmed.

Featuring songs written as far as 30 years ago alongside those penned more recently, ‘Bright Hours’ marks the long-awaited follow-up to their debut album, ‘Shouting Quietly’, which was released in March 1990 via Foundation Records. Street said:

“When I brought the original Foundation Label to an end in the 90s, and Bradford disbanded, I often wondered what happened to the guys in the band, particularly Ian and Ewan who I regarded as the mainstays of the group. So, although a huge amount of time had passed, and it was a complete surprise to hear from them last year, it also felt completely ‘right’ to get involved and help bring the idea of a new Bradford album to full fruition.”

Bradford Have Broken Their Three Decade Hiatus

Ian H. added:

“To see Stephen’s familiar frame leaning over the control desk in quiet concentration once more after three decades was for Ewan and I nothing short of amazing. Amazing too was to hear the results…. The songs I’d written seemed to become almost immediately wider, brighter, deeper, shinier as soon as Ewan and Stephen bent their ears and then began their alchemy with them. They’re like diamond dogs – they hear things I cannot hear in them.”

Alongside the LP news, the three-piece have shared the record’s first cut, Like Water, a wild west soundscape meets Johnny Cash pastiche, which unfolds over a gently, loping beat and meandering guitars.Press play here.

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