Call Of Duty Pro Scump Has Revealed There Might Be A Player’s Union For The 2021 CDL Season

Scump mentioned the potential union during a recent livestream, and that there have been previous attempts to start one.

Fellow Call Of Duty pro Crimsix seemed to suggest in a Tweet that Scump was the lone holdout last time around, and that his refusal to sign on was the reason there was no union last season

Crimsix tweeted “59/60. Irony in the first degree has been committed,” suggesting that of the 60 players in the CDL, 59 agreed to a Call Of Duty pros union last year. Scump however said that when he asked about the union contract last season, “no one got back to me for months,” resulting in him missing the deadline. He replied to Crimsix’s tweet “im in,” suggesting a union is on the cards this season.

Scump also revealed that he had previously been fined for playing in a sponsored stream during the CDL offseason. He also claimed he was forced to sign to his current CDL contract without lawyers present.

If Crimsix is to be believed, Scump was the missing piece of the puzzle. With him now ready to commit to a union, it could be a reality before the 2021 season kicks off. For now, details on who will run the union, how it will be organised, and what role it will play on the CDL scene remains unclear.
Broadly, the player’s union will ensure that players are treated fairly by the CDL, and will give them collective bargaining power. A union would also allow players to lobby for specific benefits and bonuses which they might not be able to secure alone.

There is no official start date for the 2021 season right now. It is expected to start in January, as the 2020 season did.

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