Charlotte Hawkins Has Curated A Special Collection Of Classical Music

The Classic FM presenter who hosts the station’s ‘Smooth Classics’ show has announced ‘Mindful Matters’, which will be released on December 11 and features 45 tracks selected by the 45-year-old star over three discs.

She said: “‘Mindful Moments’ is an intensely personal selection of music for me, it’s some of my very favourite classical pieces, from masterpieces that have been important to me from a young age, through to special gems that I have recently discovered and fallen in love with.

“Throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by classical music; it was the soundtrack to my early childhood as I listened to my Dad’s favourite pieces and then took my first piano lessons; right through to now, as I pass on my passion for classical music to my daughter, family, friends and listeners.”

The ‘Good Morning Britain’ star has teamed up with Sony Classical for the collection, which includes pieces from the likes of Debussy, Bach and Beethoven.

There is also space for more contemporary talent, such as Alexis Ffrench, Yann Tiersen, Eric Whitacre and Hans Zimmer.

Charlotte explained how the music on the compilation is her “escapism”, and she hopes it can inspire people in the same way.

She added: “There is a treasure trove of classical music out there; wonderful, positive and uplifting music that sweeps you away and takes your mind elsewhere for a few moments.

“I believe music is good for the soul, and I hope that my collection will serve as a musical hug to anyone that needs one right now.

“Listening to this music is my escapism, and never fails to make me feel better.”

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