Dave Chapelle: Episode Of Chapelle’s Show Removed From Streaming Services

An episode of Chapelle’s Show has been removed from streaming services due to the sexual assault charges against guest star Ron Jeremy.

The episode was first noticed as missing when HBO Max launched Dave Chapelle’s series on Sunday (8 November) as part of a licensing deal with Comedy Central, reports The Daily Beast.

Fans of the comedian’s 2004 show were quick to notice that the sixth episode of season two – titled “The Internet & Moment in the Life of Lil Jon” was absent from the platform, despite no mention or explanation given in the press release.

Similarly, the same episode was noted as missing from the line-up when Chappelle’s Show landed on Netflix on 1 November.

The instalment in question features three sketches, however, it is the one performed with guest star Jeremy that has resulted in the episode being pulled from streaming services.

In August, porn star Ron Jeremy was charged with 20 new counts of sexual assault involving 12 women and a teenage girl

In the sketch, Chapelle is guided through a physical manifestation of the internet by Jeremy.

According to The Daily Beast, the episode was first removed from Comedy Central’s platforms in June after Jeremy was charged with sexually assaulting four women.

The adult performer has since been charged with 20 new counts of sexual assault involving 12 women and a teenage girl.

Following the charges, the decision was made to withhold the episode from further licensing deals.

Earlier this year, ViacomCBS also excluded five episodes of South Park from its deal with HBO Max because they featured depictions of Prophet Muhammad.

Several streamers removed an episode of comedy series Workaholics after guest star Chris D’Elia was accused of sexually harassing multiple teenage girls.

Chapelle recently came under fire after he hosted Saturday Night Live on Saturday (7 November).

Viewers have criticised the US comedian for comparing Donald Trump contracting coronavirus to Freddie Mercury being diagnosed with Aids.

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