David Platt Faces A Threat To His Livelihood Tonight

David Platt Faces A Threat To His Livelihood Tonight

David (Jack P Shepherd) is mortified when Shona takes revenge against an annoying man who comes to the shop in search of an emergency haircut.

In Friday’s hour-long episode, David brings Shona (Julia Goulding) to work with him after her care worker Aaron cancels his scheduled visit.

David immediately braces himself for more drama, remembering how Shona infuriated Bernie Winter at the salon a few weeks ago.

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Sure enough, trouble does flare up when a snobby model called Hugo arrives – making it very clear that the barber shop was not his first choice to visit.

Shona is not impressed and when David’s back is turned, she takes action by shaving off Hugo’s topknot.

Hugo is livid over this unexpected change in his appearance and immediately threatens to sue the shop, putting it out of business.

Although David tries to stick up for Shona, the threat of losing his job is the last thing he needs in reality, as he’s already facing a financial nightmare over the sinkhole in the back garden.

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Later, Shona is pleased that David defended her and suggests that it’s time they shared a bed again, but he’s still worried that it’s too soon.

Shona can’t help feeling offended and throws her dinner across the room, before storming out.

Coronation Street airs tonight at 7.30pm on ITV.

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