Eamonn Holmes Presents Red Alert For Ruth Langsford

RUTH LANGSFORD finds it “dangerous” working with her husband Eamonn Holmes as she never knows what he’s going to do.

The 60-year-old presents This Morning on a Friday with her Belfast-born husband of 10 years and has given a fascinating insight into how they work together.

She said: “Eamonn is a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ guy and he scans through a guest brief. He never really reads scripts. He is quite exciting to work with but also dangerous, but I think we complement each other.

“He is a maverick and you are never sure where he is going with something. I’ll start to read something then he will read it where it says my name so he doesn’t stick to anything, but I quite like that and I tend to be safer, but also I rein him in and sometimes he needs reining in. We are like yin and yang. We feed off each other.”

But despite their difference Ruth told KATE THORNTON on the White Wine Question Time podcast how much she enjoyed working with her husband.

Ruth added: “It’s a lovely experience but it can be hard because you’ve got to allow that other person in and they might take an interview in a way that you weren’t going to take it, and I’ve seen that with Eamonn so many times, because really he likes to work on his own.

He will have done the first two or three questions, then I come in and ask a question that he wouldn’t have asked and I can palpably feel him go ‘urgh’. He almost wants to say ‘shhh, I’m doing this’ but he can’t.

“I always say to him: ‘It’s called co-presenting, Eamonn’.

“As much as we get on each other’s nerves, we don’t really bicker, we just disagree on things, but I still love working for him.

“He’s very generous, he’s very generous with his advice. I see it with young runners and researchers all seek his advice and he always has time for people.

“I think people realise that when they watch us on This Morning… can you not see how I am laughing? Most people get the banter. I love the Irish banter and the craic. Eamonn would never want to intentionally embarrass me on the TV. With Eamonn and I, the respect works both ways. You can love somebody but if you don’t respect them I think you are screwed. I hate to think Eamonn would look at me and not respect me anymore – that would kill me.

“We are both fiesty. He once said to me: ‘You are like a beautiful wild horse. I’m never sure when I’m approaching if you are going to kick me, bite me or nuzzle my neck’. I think that’s probably true. He doesn’t always get the response he wants from me.”

She also revealed how the couple are quite alike and love nothing more than enjoying a kebab after a big awards night.

“Me and Eamonn are very similar as we like or dislike the same people more often than not. If we go to an event like one of those big swanky red carpet events but you go and get all dressed up.

“Every single time we’ve been to one we end up in the kebab shop on the way home. We are starving because you’ve been getting ready since 3pm and bloody starving, so we end up in the kebab shop on the Fulham Road and I have to go in in my long frock and go ‘two chicken kebabs and chips’, and the best part of the night is we get home and literally sit and slag everyone off.

“We know lots of people we love and adore but we go to dinner parties and meet new people and friends introduce people to us. And then we will get in the car and Eamonn will go: ‘What a t****r, I totally couldn’t stand him’. We tend to like and dislike the same people.”

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