Eats Just “One Meal Per Day” To Stay In Shape

The ‘I Know Him So Well’ singer tries to be “careful” with her diet and “not to overindulge”, preferring to focus on one main meal a day.

Speaking to The Mirror newspaper, she said: “I’m a one meal per day girl. I try to be careful with my diet and try not to overindulge. I have one fabulous lunch or early evening supper with a glass of wine … I’m not gaining weight, so I would recommend it. And I’m not deliberately depriving myself. If I do want a snack or a piece of chocolate I have it.”

Meanwhile, Elaine also dished on her routine she sticks to whilst performing, which keeps her away from calorific treats like chocolate and cheese.

She added: “I don’t like giving my anti-ageing secrets away as there is a long list of them. In general, I eat well, sleep well and surround myself with good friends. The older I get, the more I take extra care of my voice. I have learned the old-fashioned way, so I make sure I don’t eat cheese, or chocolate, or drink alcohol when I’m performing. It’s a bit boring, but, it’s my form of maintenance.”

However, there is one thing Elaine “can’t stand” – annoying theatre-goers who eat throughout a performance.

The 72-year-old West End star shared: “I can’t stand theatre-goers that chomp their way through a three-course meal – they’ll be eating chips and everything else during a show. It’s the most annoying thing a theatre-goer will have to experience. We never used to do that in my day.”

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