Emma Willis Never Buys Sexy Underwear

The 44-year-old TV presenter says she never buys racy lingerie as she is more concerned about comfort and she has tricked her husband Matt Willis – who she married in 2008 – into believing “this is the way the world is”.

She told the White Wine Question Time podcast: “I don’t think I have done sexy since my wedding day. It is all about comfort, innit? You can’t jump around in a G string at the age of 44. You just can’t. You can but there is no support, absolutely not.

“My underwear drawer is literally 25 pairs of the same pairs of pants. It has been the same colour and same make since I met him. He does not know any different. I met him when he was 21 so it is almost like I raised him in captivity and just made him believe that this is the way the world is and to just enjoy it.

“It is like ‘It’s just black cotton briefs Matt. That is all there is’. He will see something in a magazine and I am like ‘No, it is not real. It is like telly, it is not real’.”

Matt and Emma – who have three children together – celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in 2018 with a huge bash at Rushton Hall, Northhampshire, where they originally wed.

Matt said: “The day after we got married, Emma said to me, she was devastated that the wedding was over because she had planned it for such a long time.

“She was really upset and she said, ‘We are coming back here in ten years and we are doing it all again!’ I said, ‘Alright, fine’.”

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