A Forgotten Ana De Armas And Keanu Reeves Movie Has Become A Surprise Hit On Netflix

It’s been an odd ol’ year, and what with everyone around the world being encouraged to stay in more than ever, streaming platforms have proved a welcome distraction. But there’s only so much content on them, and it’s inevitable that people were going to have to start watching less mainstream titles as Netflix’s most recent data reveal showcases.

According to the service, Eli Roth’s Knock Knock, starring Bill & Ted Face the Music’s Keanu Reeves and No Time to Die’s Ana de Armas, has quietly become its second-most watched movie in recent days. The only film currently beating it on the Top 10 list is newly released rom-com Holidate.

Released in 2015, the erotic thriller, which is based on 1977’s Death Game, centres on happily married architect Evan (Reeves), who opts out of a weekend holiday with his wife and children to stay home and work on an important project.

One evening, he allows two young women to crash at his house when they claim that they’ve gotten themselves lost on the way to a party. It doesn’t take long for the mysterious girls to make themselves at home; putting on his old records, pouring themselves drinks and coercing him into having a threesome with them.

Things go from bad to worse when Evan notices that the women have vandalised his wife’s prized art sculpture, and they claim that they are underage.

What follows is a surprisingly blood-soaked game of cat-and-mouse as the women terrorise Evan, threaten his family and pose a danger to anyone else who dares to pop round and check in.

An unconventional pick for 2020 viewing, but a pick nonetheless!

Knock Knock is streaming now on Netflix US, but isn’t available on Netflix UK.

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