Former Dawson’s Creek Star James Van Der Beek Is Recovering After A Nasty Onewheel Injury

The former Dawson’s Creek star was hospitalised on Thursday after suffering a nasty gash to his elbow following a fall off his skateboard.

Posting images and video from the emergency room on Instagram, James said, “I have a lot of fun with that thing (Onewheel), and it works great as long as the battery is above 10 per cent, but when it’s not, it gives a tiny bit of resistance and then it just nosedives without warning and that’s when I went over the front of it.”

He also made it clear the accident didn’t occur while he was pulling trash cans down his driveway on the skateboard – something he documented on social media earlier in the day.

“I DEFINITELY should have been wearing a helmet,” he added. “I was VERY lucky. Helmet from now on. 4 Stitches. Very lucky.”

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