Freddie Flintoff Admits He Should "Probably Get Help" For His Bulimia Battle In A New Documentary

Freddie Flintoff Admits He Should “Probably Get Help” For His Bulimia Battle In A New Documentary

The ‘Top Gear’ co-host first opened up publicly about suffering from the eating disorder eight years ago, and while the 42-year-old former cricketer has now developed a “coping mechanism” to mainly avoid making himself sick after eating, he has still “done it this year” at times.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, on the star’s upcoming new documentary ‘Freddie Flintoff: Living With Bulimia’, he says: “I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed the results.

“I don’t know whether it’s just being a bloke, you feel you should be able to stop it

“I probably should get help – I know it’s a problem and I know it needs addressing.”

And the star is well aware it is “not right”.

He adds: “This is such a hard thing to define, or even admit.

“It’s not right is it? I know it’s not right.”

Freddie first publicly opened up about living with the eating disorder, which is characterised by bingeing food and purging, when he shot a documentary about training to be a boxer in 2012.

In his new upcoming documentary – which will air on Monday (28.09.20) on BBC One – the sportsman will seek to understand the causes and impact of the eating disorder on his life.

The ‘A League of Their Own’ star recently said: “If this resonates with one person watching, or through this we can show someone that there is help out there, then this is worth doing.”

Charlotte Moore, Director of BBC Content, added: “I would like to thank Freddie for opening up about his struggle with bulimia in this very personal film for BBC One.

“I hope this film will raise awareness about a subject that is all too often a taboo and make a difference to the way men talk about mental health.”

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