Bella Thorne And Benjamin Mascolo To Star In ‘Time Is Up’

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy ahead of his Night of Songs & Laughter tour, Rob revealed that he was offered his own album and documentary earlier this year before explaining why he felt he had to turn it down.

Aside from his outstanding performance of ‘Islands in the Stream’ in Gavin & Stacey, fans may not know that Rob is also pretty musical, but that’s set to change when he kicks off his upcoming tour, complete with a band.

“I started it under the radar because it was a new thing to me, touring with a band,” he told us. “And I was very wary of being this bloke off the telly who gets a band and wants to sing.”

Despite being offered the chance to “make an album and do a big documentary” following the process, Brydon decided to turn it down. “It would be on the telly the night before the album came out,” he explained. “But it just felt a little too opportunistic to me.”

Instead, fans will have to enjoy the tour which was previously cut short just 12 days in due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic without the accompanying series.

The tour, which kicks off in Rhyl, is “comedy and music”, according to Rob. “It’s stories. It’s autobiographical,” he added, before teasing some of the show’s highlights (Ruth Jones anecdotes included).

“I talk about when my interest in musicals and songs started, which was to a large extent at school, where I was with Ruth Jones. And I talk about being in Guys and Dolls, how I met her for the first time. We acted and sang together…

“I tell those stories. And then working with Tom Jones. Working on Gavin & Stacey.”

As well as “out and out funny numbers”, Rob reassured us that his band are genuinely, “astonishingly good”. “It’s a real thrill for me every night to see the look on the audience’s face, because they weren’t expecting the band to be so good.”

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