Ghost Star Latoya Tonodeo Teases "Really Bad" Consequences For Tariq St Patrick

Ghost Star Latoya Tonodeo Teases “Really Bad” Consequences For Tariq St Patrick

This week’s (Sunday, September 20) episode of Power Book II: Ghost, titled ‘Play the Game’, saw Tariq St Patrick do exactly that. He made a deal with the devil – Monet Tejada – which could bring brutal consequences.

In order to continue paying lawyer Davis Maclean’s (Method Man) fees for his mum’s ongoing queenpin trial, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr) needed more funds fast.

After he and friend Brayden successfully sold a bunch of prescription pills at a campus party. Tariq quickly realised that he needed the Tejada family’s drug business on board.

After Tariq convinced mentee Zeke to call his aunt Monet (Mary J Blige) round, so he could have ‘five minutes’ with her, Tariq got up to his usual conniving ways. He suggested how important Zeke was to Monet, and questioned what she would do if Tariq was unable to mentor him. This triggered Monet’s caring side.

He proposed a deal: he wants Monet to be his new supplier and in return he’ll provide her with anonymity, also promising to continue to tutor Zeke. In return, Monet said he’d need to move out of the dorm room he shares with Zeke which Tariq happily obliged to, moving in with Brayden.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, LaToya Tonodeo who plays Monet’s daughter Diana Tejada told us what lies in store for Tariq if he messes it up.

“The Tejada family are vicious, cutthroat, it’s like no nonsense. I mean, it is Power – Monet doesn’t play, so if he messes up, it could be really, really bad for him.

“If anyone messes up in our family, or outside of our family or whoever, it’s a bad thing for them. Monet Tejada is a queenpin, she does not play, so it could be bad.”

After Tariq and Monet’s deal was solidified, Monet called her jailbird husband Lorenzo Tejada (Berto Colon) to inform him, who then called imprisoned Tasha St Patrick (Naturi Naughton) on her burner and notified her of the news, warning that if Tariq doesn’t do what he’s told, “Tariq dies”.

LaToya also warned that Tasha could face consequences too, saying: “The Tejada family, we do not play. And I feel like, if anything, Tariq wants to make sure that he’s doing all that he can to protect his family, and vice versa for Tasha and her son.

“But I don’t know if they fully understand how cutthroat the Tejada family are just yet. I do feel like they’ll definitely find out very, very, very soon.”

The Power Book II: Ghost star also described Lorenzo Tejada as “a very strong man and “a boss”.

“I would say he definitely runs the jailhouse,” she explained, before adding that the actor’s voice “is so powerful and so strong, so being in a scene with him would be terrifying”.

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