Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Have Kept Their Newborn Daughter’s Face Hidden From The Public

Gigi Hadid took to Instagram stories on Sunday, to share a cute selfie with her newborn daughter, whose name hasn’t been revealed yet. “She burps sunshine,” the supermodel captioned the picture.

In the picture, the baby was propped up on her mom’s shoulder, with her face away from the camera. The model had dressed her daughter in a white top, jeggings, and mustard-yellow socks. The new mum herself wore a tan brown sweater, and had her hair swept away in a simple and neat braid.

The 25-year-old welcomed the baby girl, her first child, in September this year. The happy parents announced the birth of their daughter with sweet pictures on their Instagram accounts.

Sharing a picture of the newborn’s tiny hand grasping his finger, Zayn Malik wrote: “Our baby girl is here, healthy and beautiful.”

The former One Direction member noted said it would be an “impossible task” to put into words how he is feeling right now, and said he is “thankful for the life” he will have with his daughter. Gigi also shared a picture of the baby holding her thumb and said the little bundle of joy has already changed their life.

The couple recently gave another glimpse of their daughter while celebrating their first Halloween with her. For the spooky festival, the two decided to dress their little one as The Incredible Hulk.

The baby was dressed in a green knitted cap with black yarn hairs and a green long-sleeved top, while her face was covered with a gif of Hulk, which helped complete her first Halloween costume while also hiding her face from the camera. The baby’s hand were also overlapped with the character’s giant fist.

The Halloween picture Gigi shared on her Instagram account photo showed her and Zayn beaming as their daughter cradled in the musician’s arms.

The model herself wore a blue bodysuit as she channelled Samus Aran, a video game character from the Nintendo Metroid game series, while her boyfriend dressed up as a Slytherin student from the “Harry Potter” films.


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