Glenn Close “Never Found” A “Great Partnership” Within Any Of Her Marriages

The ‘Fatal Attraction’ actress who was previously married to Cabot Wade, James Marlas and David Evans Shaw and has a daughter, Annie, with former partner John Starke admitted she was never romantically involved with the “right enlightened person” for her.

Asked if she feels getting married means giving away power, she said: “Yes, I think it can be. But if you find the right enlightened person, you can have a great partnership. I personally have never found it sadly. But I know people who have.”

The 73-year-old star insisted she is happy being single and wouldn’t want to try online dating

She exclaimed: “Oh my God, no! Never in a million years! And I’m not looking for somebody. I’m fine as I am.”

However, Glenn insisted that doesn’t mean she has “lost [her] sexuality” and called for that to be reflected in movie roles for older women.

She said: “It would be nice to have more scenes for women my age because you don’t lose your sexuality at all.”

Despite her advancing years, the ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ star feels like she’s only “just beginning” as she feels “more alive” than ever before.

She said in an interview with the Telegraph magazine: “It’s ironic, right? Here I am at 73 and I feel like I’m just beginning. I mean my skin is a size too big now. That’s one of the great ironies of getting older.

“We’re trapped in these things we have no power over, so we just have to watch these changes happen. But I feel more alive, more myself, than I ever have in my life… and here we are locked down!”

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