Godsticks Have Released A New Lyric Video For Their Song Breathe

Godsticks Have Released A New Lyric Video For Their Song Breathe

Being faced with the eventual realisation that no matter how far you run, there can no escape; because a lot of unhappiness and stress is caused by how we internally react to external problems,” explains singer and guitarist Darran Charles.

“I suppose it’s the story of learning how to recalibrate my emotional responses, or it could also be interpreted as my stealing some of the tenets of cognitive behavioural therapy and passing them off as my own!”

The new video has been created by guitarist Gavin Bushell and was filmed at Llantwit Major beach in South Wales, the same location the band used for their Surrender music video.

Although there’s no news on a new album as yet, Charles does reveal the band will be appearing at an online festival in the near future.

“I’m probably one of the few musicians that hasn’t spent the lockdown period writing new music,” he says.”I’ve been mainly spending my time studying and developing my guitar playing.

I have been spending more time with acoustic guitar though, and we’re in the process of rearranging a song called Raised Concerns from our second album (The Envisage Conundrum). We’ll be performing it together for a ‘virtual’ festival, the details of which are soon to be announced.”

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