Isabella And William Flanagan Have Returned To Set After A Six-Month Break

Isabella And William Flanagan Have Returned To Set After A Six-Month Break

The two youngsters – who play Hope Stape and Joseph Brown respectively on the cobbles – have headed back to work this week after a long hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

They mum Rachel wrote on social media: “Yesterday for the first time in a long time these two got to go to work.

“Lovely seeing them back doing what they love.”

The twins both joined the ‘Corrie’ cast in 2017, with Isabella taking on the role of Fiz Stape’s (Jennie McAlpine) daughter, while her brother William was signed up as Chesney Brown’s (Sam Aston) son.

The duo will have to get used to plenty of changes on set, with bosses putting in a lot of safety measures and restrictions in place due to the ongoing health crisis.

Maureen Lipman – who plays Evelyn Plummer in the long-running soap – recently admitted it is “a bit frightening” being back on set.

However, she is pleased the show is back at its regular output of six episodes a week, and she admitted there are some “very clever” tactics being used to film scenes while abiding by the guidelines.

Maureen said: “It’s weird. You get your temperature taken when you go in. It’s very cleverly done.

“I’ve got a scene coming up where I play Scrabble with Roy and we’re actually at two places, with the board being passed from one to the other.

“But you will never know that when you see it.

“It gets done, and they’re back to six eps a week. It’s a bit frightening, obviously, but you’ve got to keep working.”

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