Japanese Actor Sei Ashina, Who Starred In Silk Alongside Keira Knightley, Has Died At The Age Of 36

Tokyo police confirmed to Japanese media that she died by suicide after she was found dead at her apartment on Monday (14 September). 

As well as starring in François Girard’s 2007 historical drama Silk, Ashina’s other notable roles include appearances in the 2002 TBS drama The Tail of Happiness and the Japanese TV series Nanase: The Psychic Wanderers, Aibo: Tokyo Detective Duo, The Emperor’s Cook, Daisy Luck, Hand of God and this year’s Ship of Theseus.

The star also provided the voice for the character Emily Thorne in the Japanese-language version of the US series Revenge.

Ashina’s death is the latest in a series of suspected suicides involving well-known Japanese figures.

Attack on Titan actor Haruma Miura died aged 30 in July, and star of reality series Terrace House, Hana Kimura, died aged 22 after becoming a victim of cyber-bullying in May.

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