Jodie Comer Has Fired Back At Reports Suggesting Her Boyfriend James Burke Is A Donald Trump Supporter

The Killing Eve actress met Burke, a 26-year-old lacrosse player from Massachusetts, in Boston this year, and over the summer, rumours circulated that he was a Trump supporter after screenshots from an alleged Instagram page appeared to show he was a fan of the president, while a Twitter campaign also suggested he was a registered Republican.

That led to the #JodieComerIsOverParty trend on Twitter, which prompted the English star to address the drama in a new Porter magazine interview.

“All this false information came out about him, and people just ridiculed him and me and my family,” she said. “People took these tweets as truth.

“That was the biggest time my life has been kind of blown up and publicised in that way. A lot of people read things and they go, ‘Wow, she’s that… she’s this type of person’. And I’m like, ‘OK, I can spend my life and my energy trying to convince people otherwise, or I can go, I know who I am, I know my truth and that’s good enough for me’.”

She also shared that she has learned to tune out her critics by not engaging with social media.

“I feel like I’ve sussed it out,” she added. “But it took a while and got to a point where it was affecting my health… You forget how accessible we are when we have mobile phones. In my head, it was like there is a line of people outside my front door who have nasty things to say to me, and I’m saying, ‘Come on in! Sit on my couch, tell me.’ When I realised that was what I was doing, I knew I just had to stop.”

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