Josh O'Connor Is Still An "All-Out Republican"

Josh O’Connor Is Still An “All-Out Republican”

The 30-year-old actor portrays Prince Charles in ‘The Crown’ and not only was he not particularly interested in the royal family when he landed the role, being immersed in Buckingham Palace life for the show hasn’t changed his views.

Speaking to fashion designer Jonathan Anderson, at Esquire’s virtual event, Esquire Townhouse @ Your House with Breitling, he said: “I really avoided the person Prince Charles, so firstly I didn’t know an awful lot about him, I don’t follow the Royal Family, I’m an all-out Republican, so that’s not really changed […] I’d be rubbish at trying to do an impression of Charles where everyone goes, ‘That’s exactly him’.”

Josh famously compiles scrapbooks for his characters and he admitted his extensive notes on their backgrounds are far more helpful to him than to just pick up a sceipt.

He said: “The scrapbook is the only way I can start. If I start with a script I find it really hard because I feel no attachment to the story.

“The story exists from page one to the end, and beyond that I have no idea about it, so if I start there I am very limited. Whereas the idea of the scrapbook has always been that so I can create everything outside the story, everything beyond it and before it, then I have some context.”

However, Josh’s ideas regularly evolve once he starts working.

He added: “What’s really funny about the first page of all my scrapbooks is that if I go back and look now they’re usually scratched out or ripped out and another image’s been put in at the end, because when you start a scrapbook it often, by the time you’ve done the journey and created everything else, it’s actually totally irrelevant or not helpful.”

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