Kaley Cuoco Has Recreated One Of The Big Bang Theory’s Most Memorable Moments In Her Debut Tiktok Video

The actor who famously portrayed Penny on the hit sitcom made a surprise appearance in a clip that was shared by internet star Pierson Fode.

Mimicking one of the show’s most famous scenes, Fode can be seen knocking incessantly on a door.

The footage is overlaid with audio of Sheldon Cooper’s voice repeatedly saying “Penny”, to which Penny’s character replies “Sheldon”. The skit ends with Cuoco opening the door.

The video, which has since received over 53,000 likes on TikTok, was accompanied with a caption reading: “Penny actually opened the door @kaleycoocoo – go follow her it’s her first TikTok.”

Cuoco also shared the video with her 6.2 million followers in an Instagram story, which read: “My first ever Tik Tok. I’m now cool.”

The 34-year-old is set to make her return to TV in the forthcoming HBO Max series The Flight Attendant, a mystery following a woman who wakes up in her hotel room in Dubai to find a dead body lying next to her.

The Flight Attendant will be available to stream on HBO Max from 23 November.

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