Katie Price Can’t Pronounce Her Boyfriend’s Name

The 42-year-old beauty has admitted she struggles to properly pronounce Carl Woods’ moniker, after fans pointed out she often sounds as though she’s calling him ”Cole”.

In a video posted to her Instagram Story, Katie confessed her accent makes it difficult to properly distinguish the letters in Carl’s name, as she forced herself to over-accentuate each sound.

She said: ”So many people keep saying that I call Carl, ‘C-A-R-L’, Cole. When I know I should be saying ‘Carl’. I just can’t say Carl.”

Katie then began trying out practice sentences with an over-pronounced version of ”Carl”, as she said: ”’Carl, upstairs!’ Carl! I just say ‘Cole’.”

Despite the confusion over Carl’s name, it was recently reported Katie is keen to have a baby with the former ‘Love Island’ star.

Katie already has five kids – Harvey, 18, with Dwight Yorke, Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with Peter Andre, and Jett, five, and Bunny, four, with Kieran Hayler – but is said to be keen to show Carl she’s ”serious” about their future by welcoming a sixth child to her family.

An insider said: ”Katie wants to show Carl how serious she is about their future. She’s very emotional at the moment, but she’s trying hard to get back to a good place.

”She sees having a baby with Carl as the perfect fresh start, even though it will be a bombshell for them as a couple, and wants to prove to him that she can be the mother of his kids.”

Meanwhile, the happy couple are also set to star in a new travel show together, which will air on their new YouTube channel and document their ”adventures” around the world.

The proposed new show has been likened to an ”Indiana Jones-style adventure”, according to an insider, who claimed they’ve already held talks with a German TV channel about the project.

The source previously said: ”Katie and Carl and planning an Indiana Jones-style adventure where they visit places other couples have never ventured.

”They’re planning to combine a boundary-pushing travel show all about food and travel with a love story that unfolds before viewers’ eyes.

”The footage is going to appear on their own couples’ YouTube but they are also in talks with a German TV channel.”

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