Lee Shares Hilarious Behind-The-Scenes Look As He Catches Jenny ‘Snoring Her Head Off’

It seems the task of filming Gogglebox has taken its toll on star Jenny Newby, as she’s been ‘caught’ having a little kip on set.

Of course, we all love the antics of Jenny and best friend Lee Riley on the show, and whether its wardrobe malfunctions or simply turning into one another, they’re just as much fun behind the scenes too.

Lee has now shared a selfie with Jenny in the background as she catches-up on a bit of shut eye on the floor during a filming break on the Channel 4 series.

“So let’s have a break Jenny says, now she’s snoring her head off,” Lee wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile, last week Jenny remained as hilarious as ever after mistakenly thinking that Craig David played James Bond while discussing Sean Connery’s sad passing.

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When Lee asked her to name the other actors to play 007, Jenny replied: “Er… Craig David. What’s his name? Is it Craig David?”

“All right, it might not be him,” she admitted as Lee laughed. “See, that’s because I don’t remember him.”

Jenny didn’t have much luck naming Pierce Brosnan either, admitting: “The other one who can’t sing in that ABBA thing. Pierce Bronson. Pierce…”

Gogglebox airs on Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4.

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