Lena Dunham Is Considering Adoption After Her Attempts To Have A Biological Child Via IVF Failed

The Girls creator and star had her cervix, uterus, and one ovary removed to treat her chronic endometriosis in 2018, and revealed in a candid personal essay for Harper’s Magazine that she discovered she could still try in vitro fertilisation to have a biological child.

And when one doctor gave her hope that eggs from her remaining ovary could be harvested and fertilised, Lena’s dream of becoming a mum took shape, but led to a painful journey of hormone injections and surrogacy searches only to ultimately learn that none of the eggs were viable.

In a new interview with People, Lena revealed she’s going down a different route: “I think women often have a keen instinct about what is happening with their own bodies and I had an instinct that it probably wouldn’t work. I had hopes it would, but to be honest, I’d already made my peace about becoming an adoptive mother.

“But then when everyone got so excited about there being this possibility that my one ovary could produce eggs, and with IVF and surrogacy, I could maybe still have a biological child, it pulled me away from what I think I already instinctively knew.

“I decided I am not going to let myself mourn a set of children that weren’t ever mine to begin with. Whether it’s adoption or foster-to-adopt, I love the idea of becoming a mother in the way that’s right for me, and I’m committed to it. And a lot of the work I do on myself now, in therapy and sobriety, is making sure I deal with my past trauma.”

The 34-year-old actress concluded: “I push myself toward the best version of adulthood I know, so I know that I’m going into motherhood with the greatest set of tools that I can possibly have.”

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