Limahl Has Released His First Solo Single In Eight Years

Limahl has released his first solo single in eight years, with a track titled ‘Still In Love’ which also celebrates his 40 years in the music industry.

The 80s icon is back with a brand new single titled ‘Still In Love’, which was released on Friday (05.06.20) as his first single in just under a decade, and is a celebration of his 40 years in the music industry.

In a statement, Limahl said: ”I have definitely been in the same place emotionally as our protagonist in the song. Dark days, unable to get out of bed with curtains staying closed, (gay love is just as painful as straight love), however, what a great feeling when u get through the other side and start learning to love yourself again. I wasn’t going through this at the time of writing the song, far from it, have been blissfully happy with my lovely partner Steve for 26 years and in our ‘Civil Partnership’ for 11 years.”

‘Still In Love’ comes off the back of his recent US success which saw Limahl re-enter the mass consciousness when his music was highlighted by three major television shows – ‘Black Mirror’ interactive episode ‘Bandersnatch’, ‘American Horror Story: 1984’, and ‘Stranger Things’.

Limahl saw his number one solo hit ‘Neverending Story’ play a pivotal role in the third season of Netflix show ‘Stranger Things’, which resulted in Spotify monthly streams of the song skyrocketing from 300,000 to 1.5 million.

The music legend won the hearts of fans in the 80s as the lead singer of British band Kajagoogoo, with whom he had hits including ‘Too Shy’, ‘Ooh To Be Ah’, and ‘Hang On Now’, all of which he co-wrote.

Limahl was unceremoniously booted from the band and went on to forge a successful solo career, with his first solo single ‘Only For Love’.

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