London Riser Jaja Kisses Has Shared Her Tender Single 'Sleeping Alone'

London Riser Jaja Kisses Has Shared Her Tender Single ‘Sleeping Alone’

The songwriter draws from a diverse realm of alt-R&B textures, infusing her soulful approach with some left-field elements.

Inspired equally by James Blake and Erykah Badu, JaJa Kisses allows her feelings to flow to the surface.

Out now, new single ‘Sleeping Alone’ is a sparse, affecting piece of music, with its vocal delicacy set against sub-zero electronics. A song about breaking up during lockdown, it allows you to truly enter JaJa’s world.

“I miss my ex but I get a better night’s sleep without him physically in the bed. I can now sleep diagonally lol,” JaJa explains.

“I don’t want to be disappointed by myself or others again so I’d rather Sleep Alone and not let anyone too close as it will most likely end in missing them ie – Born alone. Sleep alone. Die alone. It’s almost like a mantra.

It would be great to really be OK with that forever. But it’s also pretty evident in the emotion this is a tricky task I’m not completely sold on, and maybe i wish it didn’t have to be that way.”

She continues: “This was also my first proper attempt at making music after the breakup (which was during lockdown ew) (as I used to make music with ex) so it was pretty liberating to find my voice again and that the world will always keep spinning either way.”

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