Loose Women's Stacey Solomon Has Unveiled Her New "Autumny" Hair

Loose Women’s Stacey Solomon Has Unveiled Her New “Autumny” Hair

The TV presenter took to Instagram on Thursday (October 15) to share her new ‘do, explaining that while she’s super happy with the results from her first dye job in weeks, she actually struggled to pluck up the courage to post a selfie on her social media page.

“Feeling Pretty. I feel like I sound really big headed saying that but it doesn’t happen often these days so I’m making the most of it while the feeling is here,” Solomon wrote openly alongside the image.

“I felt like I needed a hair change after months of hardly washing it and growing my greys… As you know I love autumn so I thought why not go autumny (I know this is not a word but how else do I describe it?) I really love it,” she continued, referencing her hair’s new red tones.

“What do you think?”

Then, Solomon, 31, admitted to being “so nervous” at the thought of uploading the snapshot, because she doesn’t typical post pictures of just herself these days. She said that it “makes [her] feel silly for some reason.”

In the end, however, she decided she wanted to show off her latest look, told herself to “get a grip” and did it anyway.

“I hope you’re all ok. Happy Thursday, love you all to the moon and back,” she added, wrapping up the message with two love heart emojis, a peach emoji and a strawberry emoji.

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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