'Lovecraft Country' Episode 9 Reveals Christina's Plans

‘Lovecraft Country’ Episode 9 Reveals Christina’s Plans

In “Lovecraft Country” Episode 9, Ruby turns to Christina for help with Dee’s curse. Christina agrees but only in exchange for something needed to complete her ascension.

HBO has released the trailer for the penultimate episode titled “Rewind 1921,” which picks up where Episode 8 left off. Dee is still cursed and seemingly still being harmed by the evil dancing girls Topsy and Bopsy. She has claw marks on her arm, which could only come from one of the girls who was last seen on Episode 8 scratching at Dee’s arm.

Unfortunately, the only person who can lift the curse is the same one who placed it: Captain Lancaster. He may or may not be dead from the monster’s attack in Episode 8. It was hard to make out who survived the beast’s rampage.

Christina is there to help as she knows magic. She agrees to Ruby’s plea for help to lift the curse from Dee but on one condition. The preview for “Lovecraft Country” Episode 9 hints that she wants something in exchange that would help her ascension.

“Every step to my ascension has been meticulously planned out,” Christina’s voice plays in the background.

Episode 8 revealed that she wants to become immortal and Atticus knows that for this to happen, she must kill him.

He cast himself a protection spell that appeared in the form of the monstrous animal who attacked Lancaster and his men. Ruby agrees to Christina’s plan as long as she does not hurt Leti, which should not be a problem since Leti already has the mark of Cain as protection.

The title for “Lovecraft Country” Episode 9 does not say much about what happens in the story, but it could involve time travel. The trailer shows Atticus. Leti and Montrose back at the observatory as they stood in awe at what could only be the same time portal that Hippolyta disappeared into in Episode 7.

“You have no idea what you’re walking into,” Montrose’s voice plays in the background as the scene shows a close up look at his troubled face. It seems he knows more about Atticus’ legacy than he lets on.

“Lovecraft Country” Episode 9 will stream on HBO Max on Sunday, Oct. 11.

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