Manolo Blahnik Says Sandals With Socks Is Part Of His “Perfect Winter Uniform”

The 77-year-old high-end designer who established his eponymous shoe brand in 1970 has revealed the trend he’s loving for this time of year, which he hailed as “so elegant”, but admitted is not for everyone.

In an interview with MR PORTER, Blahnik said of his favourite shoe in the online fashion brand’s collection: “I love the classic Witney brogues and the Delsa Chelsea boots, but my favourite style is the sandal all sandals. For me, a beautiful suit paired with a rollneck and sandals with socks is the perfect winter uniform and so elegant. Not to everyone’s taste, perhaps, but I love the look.”

When it comes to dressing well, Blahnik insisted “style is far more important than fashion”.

He said: “Whether it’s a Savile Row suit, Cutler and Gross glasses or a simple T-shirt and jeans, discover what makes you feel most comfortable. Style is far more important than fashion. When I first met [the playwright] Tennessee Williams, I had already adopted my ‘uniform’ of a double-breasted suit and bow tie. He looked me up and down and said, ‘You look like I did when I sold shoes.’ I replied, ‘That’s what I do.’

“I always buy my suits from Anderson & Sheppard, dine at Wiltons and go to Green & Stone in Chelsea for art materials. And I have cornflakes and marmalade for breakfast every day. I like familiarity, especially with places. Sometimes you do not have to discover everything – new things more often than not are disappointing. I love habits, I only wish I could get into the habit of sleeping well. Which I don’t…”

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