Marlon And Jessie Will Be In The Spotlight This Christmas When The Pair Try To Tie The Knot

Speculation had been rife about which member of the Dingle clan would be attempting to get hitched over the festive season, but it has now been confirmed that headteacher Jessie will decide to spring a surprise wedding on the Woolpack chef.

Speaking about Jessie’s decision to propose, actress Sandra Marvin told TV Times: “Marlon is Jessie’s knight in shining armour and she thinks, ‘do you know what? Life’s too short! I’m going to prove to him how much I love him.”

Emmerdale isn’t yet revealing whether the pair will both make it down the aisle, but Marvin is hoping for a happy future for the two characters. “It would be nice to see them make a go of things. And I think Jessie would slot in well into the Dingle family. She definitely has the strength of the Dingle women. Jessie Dingle…who’d have thought it?”

Speaking recently, the soap’s executive producer Jane Hudson said of 2018’s festive plotlines: “Emmerdale fans will have their spirits raised and their heartstrings pulled, with joy coming in the form of a surprise wedding and sadness from a down-on-his-luck Bob.

The festive nuptials focus on the loved-up Dingles with a certain someone from the beloved family heading down the aisle. Bob, on the other hand, struggles to find work and his money worries mount. Will he spend Christmas without a roof over his head?”

Jacob’s passion for Maya will also feature over the festive season, with viewers set to wonder whether David will discover what’s been going on behind his back. Says Hudson: “There’ll be tension over the turkey as Jacob’s feelings for Maya create more sparks than a family-sized box of crackers.”

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