Matt Baker Is Returning To 'The One Show' To Take Part In Its Rickshaw Challenge

Matt Baker Is Returning To ‘The One Show’ To Take Part In Its Rickshaw Challenge

The 42-year-old TV presenter who hosted the show until earlier this year has announced he is returning to the programme for the annual charity challenge for Children In Need.

Matt who is set to ride 322 miles in the grounds of the Goodwood Estate in Sussex – said: “In a year that has been tough for everyone, I am delighted that we can bring the Rickshaw Challenge back for the tenth year.

“In the spirit of doing what we can, we’re doing our best to make it as safe as possible for everybody involved and that includes our supporters that would usually come out to see us.

“So this year instead of coming out on the streets we’re asking people to support us from the comfort of their own homes by tuning in to ‘The One Show’ each evening.”

Matt is being joined for the challenge by 18-year-old Lewis, who had his leg amputated after being diagnosed with bone cancer in 2017.

He said: “I have always been a keen footballer, so having my leg amputated was devastating for me.”

Matt left ‘The One Show’ back in March and he previously cited the Rickshaw Challenge as an example of what he loves about the programme.

He explained: “‘The One Show’ has been a massive part of my life for almost a decade now and I’ve loved every second of being a part of it, but I’m going to be leaving this green sofa in the spring.

“It’s time to give somebody else the opportunity to see how big hearted and generous you, our ‘One Show’ viewers really are.

“It’s something I get to witness every year when you help to change the lives of so many vulnerable youngsters – the Rickshaw Challenge for Children in Need.

“All that support that you show us, you will never really understand how much that means to me.”

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