Mystery of ‘Demon’s Souls’ locked door almost solved by speedrunner

A mysterious locked door in the PS5 remake of Demon’s Souls was almost unlocked by a speedrunner, only to be stopped in his tracks by invisible walls.

The door has been subject to great online debate since it was discovered last weekend, as it doesn’t appear in any other version of the game. Using camera exploits, fans managed to ascertain that an object lay beyond the locked door although just what this object is remains a secret.

The bigger secret of course is how to access this door and a community of fans has already had many unsuccessful attempts at unlocking it. Some have geared up with complete armour sets in case it’s a skill-level barrier, some have attacked the door with every weapon in the game, but no one has got any closer.

Speedrunner (someone who tries to beat a game in the fastest time, usually using exploits) Distortion2 managed to scale the surrounding walls, getting him within reach of the courtyard that houses this mysterious object but was stopped pre-emptively by developers.

Clearly, there is a legitimate way to unlock this door, as the devs have made sure to install invisible walls around the object in the meantime. This could mean that an update or patch may hold the key, and fans frustratingly just need to be patient.

Bluepoint Games have further teased the community with this tweet that seems to allude to the elusive treasure:

The fan community remains vigilant but what lies beyond this door will stay secret for a little while longer.

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