NBA Youngboy must be having the time of his life. He dropped off a new song called “Hypnotized” on Friday (November 16), further adding to the list of bangers he has released this year. The Baton Rouge artist did find himself entrenched in drama this year as well. NBA Youngboy was caught on camera getting into a physical altercation with his girlfriend, and he was also arrested in Florida for assault, kidnapping, and weapon charges. Still, he’s been able to turn the bad press into gasoline, with his foot on the pedal heading for the top of the game.

NBA Youngboy was performing one of his songs recently, and it appears the rapper may have gotten too drunk before the show. While on stage performing his single “Dope Lamp,” NBA Youngboy lost control of his ability to stand up. At first, the energetic rapper is clearly seen turning up, while rehearsing his lyrics over the track playing in the background. Suddenly, he faints and falls into the crowd. It may be simple dehydration or lack of sleep that took over NBA Youngboy, but a video of him standing in the crowd struggling to stand up afterward hints at a different cause.