One Half Of The Country Pop Duo Which Also Consists Of Brian Kelley Has Been Struck Down

This unfortunately means the pair will be unable to perform at the CMA Awards tomorrow night (11.11.20) as planned.

Tyler, 33, took to Instagram to confirm his diagnosis, writing alongside a selfie: “Some of y’all guessed it….. Got the Rona. Asymptomatic. Quarantining on bus. Miss my family. Writing songs. Thankful.”

The musician’s wife Hayley also revealed their young family – including two-old daughter Olivia Rose and sons Luca Reed, 15 months, and newborn Atlas Roy, 7 weeks – have been in quarantine for a week following her husband’s positive test result.

She said on her Instagram Stories: “We’ve been quarantined since Wednesday night when Tyler got his first positive COVID test right after someone told him he may have been exposed … he’s pretty asymptomatic. He did infect two other people and it’s seriously a miracle I don’t have it, because he was barely in the same room [with the other people].

“The hardest part for us was going through that list of people we had come into contact with prior to his positive test, thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, we could have infected them and not even known it.’ This has already affected our life and it’s going to affect so many more lives. It’s just such a domino effect. You really realize it when you’re in it.

“Tyler was exposed to someone last week who had it, so if I did get it I would probably be showing symptoms tomorrow or the next day. So I’m going to continually get tested and hope that the kids don’t get it if I do have it. (sic)”

Hayley added that their youngest son Atlas is being cared for at their nanny’s home.

Tyler coming down with coronavirus is the latest blow to the CMA Awards, after singer Lee Brice was forced to pull out of his performance after he also tested positive.

The Country Music Association confirmed they both won’t be appearing at the ceremony.

In a statement, they said: “As you may have heard, unfortunately Lee Brice and Tyler Hubbard both tested positive for COVID-19 and are unable to join us for the CMA Awards on Wednesday night.

“Although this is incredibly disappointing, not only for the show but also for CMA personally as we care deeply for these artists and only want the best for them and their families, it does reassure us that our protocols are working.

“Our process enabled us to manage each situation immediately and before either artist ever entered our set. Most importantly, it prevented anyone else from being exposed.

“We have been extremely diligent with our testing process in advance of anyone entering our footprint. Every single person has been tested, and many will be tested repeatedly throughout the week. This is in addition to wearing PPE and of course practicing social and physical distancing.

“We have an incredible show planned and look forward to bringing the Country Music community together. However, our number one priority has been and will continue to be the safe.”

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