Paul O’Grady Is Set To Star In His Own Reality Show

Paul O’Grady Is Set To Star In His Own Reality Show

The 65-year-old comedian will show off his rural home in Aldington, Kent where he lives with pigs, ducks, and goats on his upcoming ITV series ‘The Only Way Is Kent’.

It comes after Paul’s new series about Asian elephants – which was set to be filmed in Thailand – was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A TV insider told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre TV column: “This is another way to explore his devotion to animals albeit one slightly less exotic than a jaunt to tropical South-East Asia.”

Paul is a huge lover of animals as he regularly visits a local eagle wildlife foundation, where he flies birds of prey, and an alpaca farm.

The presenter recently found a colony of wild bats in the roof of his home, and he dubbed his residence “The Addams Family mansion”.

He previously revealed: “It’s like the Addams Family at twilight. They all come flying out, all the bats.

“I’m standing there going, ‘Fly! Fly! Fly!'”

Paul has also found slugs and rats in his home, but he doesn’t mind the bats and lets them get up close to him, despite their foul stench.

He explained: “They smell. That’s the only thing. They don’t bother me. We don’t really have much to do with each other. I go up once a week and get the rent, and that’s it.

“They’re sweet little things. When I was writing books, I would have my window open at night and a couple of them would fly in and land on the curtain. I would take them off and put them on my jumper.”

However, the ‘Blind Date’ presenter was terrified to find rats had eaten through his wardrobe, and he waited with a baseball bat until pest control arrived.

He said: “It was like a horror film. I thought we were going to be eaten alive by killer slugs.”

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