Penneys Could Be Open 24 Hours After Lockdown Ends

I don’t know how many social media posts I’ve seen of people lamenting the days you could casually walk into a shop to buy jammies and underwear.

But if you’re missing your Penneys fix just as much, you could be in for some good news as there’s talk of Penneys opening for 24 hours once lockdown lifts.

According to The Telegraph, owners have called for its stores to open 24 hours a day after lockdown restrictions are eased in the lead up to Christmas.

Primark Chief Executive George Weston believes that many people will want to get into the shop once it opens, and that having the stores open for longer will help maintain social distancing.

And considering the queues the last time Penneys reopened after the first lockdown, this doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Not only would the additional hours mean more customers will be able to get their Christmas shopping done, but the increased hours could also benefit frontline workers and those doing shift work.

A spokesperson for Penneys said: “We would welcome any extension of opening hours for our stores when we re-open in December as it will allow us to cater for the higher anticipated customer demand and help to reduce customer queues by spreading potential shopping hours over a longer period of time.”

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