Ray D'Arcy Reveals 'Deal-Breaker' In Crunch Den Talks

Ray D’Arcy Reveals ‘Deal-Breaker’ In Crunch Den Talks

Ray D’Arcy has revealed that Zig & Zag and Dustin instructed him that it was a “deal-breaker” for The Den to be a live show when it returns on RTÉ One in November.

On his RTÉ Radio 1 show on Wednesday, the host was revelling in the joy that news of The Den’s return had brought to fans around the world.

Following their triumphant reunion for RTÉ Does Comic Relief, D’Arcy and co will be back on RTÉ One every Sunday at 6:30pm from November 8 in an hour-long extravaganza of shenanigans.

When one listener texted D’Arcy to tell him that The Den “better be live”, he replied: “When I was speaking to the people in power, Zig & Zag and Dustin had instructed me to tell them that it had to be live. That was the deal-breaker. And it will be live. Sure, The Den pre-recorded? Nah – it has to be live.”

D’Arcy described The Den’s return as “brilliant”, “exciting” and “a load of pressure”.

“Seemingly, it broke Twitter – whatever that means – yesterday,” he continued.

“I went home and I was telling [son] Tom last night – Tom, aged eight – that The Den was coming back. We had to keep it a secret in case he said it to somebody in school. And he said to me, ‘Does that mean you’re going to get hair again, daddy?'”

D’Arcy added: “I said, ‘No, that’s not the way it works. That’s not the way it works, Tom’.”

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