Reggie Yates Was “Inspired” By School Children’s Ideas To Rebuild The World

The 37-year-old presenter joined forces with the Lego Group UK and Ireland to ask a group of 60 year four school children to reimagine their homes and the world around them to make it a happier place, and was very impressed by the results, which included slides instead of stairs in school buildings, monster truck shows for entertainment, eco taxis and even chocolate swimming pools in the home so families can swim and eat at the same time.

Reggie said: “I’ve always been passionate about nurturing talent and putting real energy behind creative thought, so seeing the incredible ideas the children came up with was inspiring. It’s clear that they are able to access ideas and thoughts that wouldn’t occur to us adults”.

Other ideas put forward by the kids included a tech school with robot teachers, AI and digital classrooms for those with disabilities, an ECO-office powered by kinetic wind turbines and a disco ball meeting room to help workers unwind, and houses boasting indoor treehouses and giant selfie cameras.

LEGO Play Agent, David Pallash, who led the workshop, said: “This session and exercise was a great way of encapsulating what the Rebuild the World campaign stands for, which is to celebrate kids’ creativity and challenge adults to see the world through children’s eyes. They have a unique, playful outlook and the ability to make the world a little brighter.

Without the inhibitions of social norms, logic and social aspects such as status in society, a child’s thinking is fearless. There is no right or wrong when it comes to their thinking, which can lead to some incredible creative solutions.”

Families worldwide can also get involved on the LEGO LIFE app, where they can create their very own school, office or home, to be in with a chance of winning a LEGO prize.

For those who need a little bit of extra creative inspiration, families can also head to the LEGO website and check out a digital replica of the giant LEGO-brick globe currently on display at the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark, which features amazing LEGO creative builds submitted by kids from across the world.

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