Russell Crowe Has Spoken About The “White Hot Rage” He Sees In Today’s Society


The actor, who will next be seen in the road rage movie Unhinged, said he took on the project because of the anger he sees around him in the real world.

“At first when I read [the script], I didn’t think I wanted to do it,” he told This Morning. “But then I started to realise that we’re seeing these explosions of white hot rage more and more in society.”

Speaking about recent acts of terror, and about people stockpiling during the coronavirus crisis, he said: “This character uses his car as a weapon, but we’ve seen people walking into houses of worship and opening fire, at schools and nightclubs, and more recently we’ve seen people go crazy in supermarket aisles over a roll of toilet paper. So it just seems to be a place that we’ve come to in Western society.”

Crowe added: “There’s this place that we’ve reached where it seems to be that people who are on opposite sides of a particular political question can’t seem to have a polite conversation anymore.

“They can’t actually seem to discuss things through, they’re so absolutely sure that their perspective is right.”

Unhinged will be released in cinemas at the end of July and is one of the first major releases to open after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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