Samantha Fox Insured Her Boobs For £1 Million At The Height Of Her Fame

The 54-year-old former glamour model rose to national stardom as a Page 3 girl in the 80s, and she decided to insure her famous assets while at the peak of her earning power.

She said: “It was 500,000 each. My agent said, ‘If Betty Grable can insure her legs, you can insure your boobs’.

“It was a crazy time. Although I worked exclusively for The Sun I would be asked to open lots of big shops, go on chat shows, do autograph signings in department stores. Sometimes I was behind glass.”

Samantha credits her early success and popularity to her down-to-earth attitude, as well as her enviable figure.

She told The Sun newspaper: “I think I was popular because I had a good figure, but I think lots of people liked me because when they heard me talking they realised I was just a working- class girl done good.

“I had a fan club and would get lots of letters from women actually asking me things like what shampoo and make-up I used and my skincare regime.”

Samantha subsequently enjoyed success as a singer, and she admits that a star-studded party in the 80s changed her life.

She shared: “The most amazing party I ever went to was at Kensington Roof Gardens in London following a Queen gig at Wembley in 1986.

“They had naked women painted green in the lifts and everyone who was anyone at the time was there. Annie Lennox, Duran Duran, all the big music stars.

“I had just started my music career but some people were sceptical and didn’t believe it was me really singing. They didn’t know I had attended theatre school from a young age.

“Freddie Mercury pulled me up on stage at the party and we sang Tutti Frutti as a duet. It was on the front pages the next day and changed everything for me.”

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