Shane Richie Has A Special Hand Gesture That He Uses To Let His Children Know He Loves Them

The father of five is currently the favourite to win this year’s series, which is taking place at a derelict castle in north Wales.

After learning that he would be taking part in the show, Richie apparently came up with the signal as a way to communicate with his children, and to let them know that he loves them.

He does it by placing his hand to his face and separating his middle and index finger over his eye.

His wife, Christie Goddard, shared the gesture and its meaning with fans from Richie’s official Instagram.

Fans may have noticed him using it while sat around the firepit with the other contestants during the launch on Sunday 15 November.

Appearing on This Morning, Richie’s son, Shane Roche Jr, said last week that he was worried about his dad’s temper.

“You don’t get to see him when he is tired, hungry, he’s going to be cold this year,” he said.

He also revealed that Richie has a weak stomach, joking that he will “100 per cent be sick if he does an eating trial, and let me tell you I will be voting for that”.

Read more about Richie and his career to date here.

I’m A Celebrity continues each night on ITV at 9pm.

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