Stefflon Don Is Planning On Breaking America

The ‘Senseless’ rapper is willing to put in the graft in to conquer the US and insisted that as long as she continues to be “consistent” with her music and her “team does their part”, there is no reason why she can’t become a household name across the pond.

The British star told Flaunt magazine: “If I keep grinding, keep putting the work in, keep putting out good music, if my team’s doing their part as long as the team does their part, I do my part. The internet. Everyone has internet so the greatest thing is you could be in Timbuktu and someone could still know who you are. I’d break it by producing keys, producing good music, and mostly, consistency. I hadn’t been consistent on a lot of stuff, now I’m ready to be very consistent.”

Stefflon has had one top 10 hit in the UK, with the French Montana-featuring ‘Hurtin’ Me’ and her goal is to “chart more”.

She said: “I want to chart some more. I don’t make music purposefully for that, I never used to actually really think about it.”

The ’16 Shots’ star admitted she takes her “craft a lot more serious” than she did three years ago.

She said: “As you evolve, you become different. You think different, you are different. I take my craft a lot more serious. Now, I’m aiming more for what exactly it is I want.”

Meanwhile, Stefflon admitted she misses performing live amid the coronavirus pandemic because she would use the crowd’s reaction to determine whether she had a hit on her hands.

On how she’s adjusting to the new normal, she said: “You have to get with the program at the end of the day. You have to recreate and see what works and what doesn’t work, which we’re all learning now. I do miss doing shows, I miss seeing my fans. I miss dropping a song and knowing how it’s doing through the crowd obviously. When the crowd sings along, you can tell by their energy how much they really love the song.”

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