Steve Pemberton And Reece Shearsmith Wrote The Entire New Series Of ‘Inside No. 9’ During Lockdown

The 53-year-old star has revealed that he and his writing partner penned the new series earlier this year, and they’re set to begin filming next week.

Steve said: “We actually wrote a full series of ‘Inside No. 9’ in lockdown, me and Reece. So we wrote it like this [over video call] and it’s very intense … you have to kind of keep your spirits up and that’s been the difficult thing for all of us.”

Steve is looking forward to filming the new series of the show, and he’s hopeful that they’ll be able to record the comedy without any major disruptions, despite the ongoing threat of the pandemic.

The actor – who previously starred alongside Reece in ‘The League of Gentlemen’ – said: “You’ve got to kind of have a lot of resilience and thankfully, we’re about to start shooting the new series. So, fingers crossed everything goes well.”

Steve also teased some details of the upcoming series, hinting at who will be starring in the comedy show.

However, he refused to reveal the names of the guest stars.

He told ITV’s ‘Lorraine’: “I can’t tell you yet who’s going to be in the new series, but we’ve got a Sir, we’ve got a recent BAFTA winner. We’ve got some fantastic guests lined up.”

Steve previously starred in the hit ITV sitcom ‘Benidorm’, and he’s keen to recruit some of his former co-stars for ‘Inside No. 9’.

The actor admitted he’s already thinking about his dream TV “crossover”.

He explained: “I’d like to get some of my ‘Benidorm’ cast in ‘Inside No. 9’ – that would be the crossover I’m hoping for.”

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