Sue Devaney Has Said That She Hopes Her Character Debbie Webster Gets A Romantic Interest Soon

Viewers were left stunned following a big Debbie twist this week, as it was revealed that she’d been the scheming Ray Crosby’s (Mark Frost) accomplice all along, aiding those dodgy property deals.

In conversation with Inside Soap, the actress was asked about a more personal side to Debbie, and suggested she could start seeing Jimmi Harkishin’s Dev Alahan.

“Is Dev single?” she replied when her love life was brought up. “He’s a bit of a silver fox.

“I think she could make a good man out of him,” added Sue, before recalling: “I had a moment on screen with Jimmi Harkishin during one of our night shoots, and I said, ‘I’d like to do more scenes with you’.

“There aren’t many single chappies in Weatherfield are there? Also, Dev is a good one unlike Ray!”

Elsewhere, the actress recently explained to Digital Spy and other media how Debbie would never jump back into bed with Ray in light of his womanising.

“I don’t think she would go back there,” she said. “If she didn’t know him and saw him in a restaurant, she’d think he was gorgeous. But sometimes someone is gorgeous and you get to know them, and they’re not so gorgeous anymore because you know them warts and all.

“I think Debbie is a bit like me and not going for the bad boys anymore. Ray is someone that can’t commit and you wouldn’t be able to trust him. You just wouldn’t be able to go there.”

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

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