Tamzin Outhwaite Is Attempting To Go Alcohol, Dairy And Meat-Free

The former ‘EastEnders’ actress managed to go without all three for the whole of August’s 31 days, and she is hoping to do even better this time around.

She wrote on Twitter: “Back to no alcohol, no dairy , no meat. Last month I did 31 days… this time I want to beat it, then try not to drink, eat cheesecake and salt beef sandwiches all in one day ! (sic)”

Tamzin recently admitted she was embarking on a plant-based diet as part of attempting to continue her “flow of positive energy, exercise and well-being”.

She wrote: “Morning all…. I’m trying so hard to continue my flow of positive energy , exercise & well being. Eating a plant based diet & holding on to my Sense of calm is the challenge. Not beating myself up about the ice cream last night.

“Day 24 of no alcohol & that does feel good. Experiencing negativity and batting it away to come back to the calm,is a continual lesson. Mindful choices in everything. Sending you all a surge of Sunday love. (sic)”

In August last year, Tamzin admitted she was determined to “only eat plant-based food” from now on.

She tweeted: “Right this time I mean it… I return to London, only eating plant based food…no alcohol, no sugar, no dairy, no meat… please let’s make this last as long as possible… all down to you #thebodycampmallorca (sic)”

It came after she tried to go without alcohol and sugar in July last year, but was craving “stodgy carbs” after four days.

She wrote on Twitter: “Day 4 of no alcohol and no sugar and all I really want is stodgy carbs.

Dirty, fatty, heavy stodge. (sic)”

In response to her tweet, Tamzin’s former ‘EastEnders’ co-star Nitin Ganatra – who played Masood Ahmed on the show – joked: “I’m right here….. (sic)”

And that came after Tamzin went alcohol and meat free in May 2019.

She wrote: “Day 13 of no alcohol, no red meat and no dairy…. feeling Tippetty Top, apart from waking at 5am every day, whether I’m working or not. (sic)”

Nitin appeared to take a bit of credit for her lifestyle change.

He tweeted: “that’s the way forward. You’re welcome. xxx (sic)”

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