A Virtual Atlantic Voyage With Metro Boulot Dodo

A Virtual Atlantic Voyage With Metro Boulot Dodo

 Leicester-based Metro Boulot Dodo (MBD) have released their latest VR project to mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower voyage.

400 years ago, the Mayflower left Plymouth with 102 Puritan passengers and made its way to the Plymouth Colony in America. Supported by Arts Council and created by the MBD team during the UK lockdown period in Leicester, Mayflower Reflections is a 360º film that explores that story of the Mayflower voyage of 1620 and the immersive experience explores the motives behind the pilgrim journey and draws parallels with today’s refugees.

An orange sunset over the sea. Text reads ‘The Mayflower would lie stranded in a harbor, filled with the frail ghosts of optimism that brought them here.”

Peter Knott, Midlands Area Director for Arts Council England, said: “Recognising significant events in history like the Mayflower voyage, through arts and creativity is important for us all and can help us acknowledge what the Mayflower journey has come to symbolise to different people.

“Virtual and digital storytelling is a great way to bring creativity into people’s homes, where they can learn, experience and connect with history in news ways.”

Paul Long, MBD’s Creative Director, said: “As a team we were incredibly lucky to be able to keep on working and creating during the lockdown period. Using digital technology to create our work means we have the ability to keep on making whilst working remotely. This means we can keep making our artwork available to the people of UK at a time when access to arts and culture is limited.

“We chose to make Mayflower Reflections as a Virtual Reality experience to really help people feel what that voyage must have been like, and relate that to how it’s still relevant for us today.”

Alongside the digital storytelling piece which allows people to experience the story of the Mayflower voyage in full 360º, a package of educational resources encourages viewers to consider the lives of those on board the ship and how they are mirrored in the modern world.

Watch it here or try out the educational activities here.

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